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Although the weather was a bit cool for the ESC beach walk on Boca Grande November 13 2013.
The camaraderie of the fifteen club members who gathered kept them warm.
Not only did the group have a fun day beach walking,
they also enjoyed a very good lunch in town and helped Carol Ayers celebrate her birthday!

Beach Walk on Boca Grande - November 13 - 2013

Cool but still smiling

Those smiles say it all!

A little R&R between the beach walk

OMG - what is she looking at through those binoculars ???? It's too early/late for tarpon season, isn't it?

More good times

Florida's winter wear modeled by the ESC models

Now it's time for a nice lunch

Smiles again -- maybe because they could warm up after a brisk beach walk day

One more camera shot

And another group

Relaxed and ready for lunch

And who's celebrating their 29th birthday, again?

Yum, birthday cake and best wishes from the ESC members.

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